Cameo is a Seattle-based choreographer and dancer from Kaneohe, HI. She received her formal education froM Skidmore College where she graduated with majors in Dance and Neuroscience.

She’s had the privilege of sharing her work at On the Boards, Velocity Dance Center, The Pocket Theater, Electric Lodge, The National Museum of Dance, The Saratoga Film Forum, and the Janet Kinghorn Bernhard Theater. SInce arriving in Seattle, Cameo has performed for Alice Gosti, Kate Wallich, Hayley Shannon, Dylan Ward, Nathan Blackwell, and Coleman Pester. As a selected artist for The Breaking Glass Project, Cameo received administrative and choreographic mentorships from Nia-Amina Minor and Sidra Bell. She is a 2017 DanceCrush Award recipient and a 2014 Margaret Paulding Award recipient.