My collaborators and I — we dream big. The work we create together is dense, complex, and challenges the capabilities of the body and the mind. Together, we push the boundaries of our own understanding by leaning into our curiosities. And through that work, we empower ourselves to create the kind of world that we wish to see. Our processes strip down the traditional ideas of power and hierarchy within a dance process, and we create structures for accountability, honesty, and open dialogue amongst our collaborators. Currently, we are a team of powerhouse women working to empower ourselves and others through, not only our product, but our process.

These dreams require risks. We’re taking a chance on our work because we believe in the value of it to challenge established ways of thought and to open avenues for possible new futures. Our work aims to show women in a nuanced way — strong, vulnerable, complex individuals. We hope you’ll take the risk, too, and join us by supporting this work.