Cameo Lethem




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Hailed for its structural complexity and attention to detail, Isla bears Lethem’s signature precision and intricacy.
— Philippa Myler, Seattle Dances, February 2018

By the end of Effecting Galatea, I was completely immersed in the world Lethem had created, fully ready to witness the events that could have transpired there.
— Philippa Myler. Seattle Dances. August 2017
The multiple bodies, engaged in patient, nuanced shifts suggests that perhaps there is more to Galatea than the idealized wife on a pedestal.
— Kaitlin McCarthy. City Arts. August 2017

Cameo Lethem’s Isla is a clear-eyed nod to classic post-modern dance, a structural reflection of Steve Reich’s “Violin Phase” for five dancers arrayed in a grid onstage.
— Sandra Kurtz. Seattle Dances. July 2017

The audience might be witness to the future of the human race–a being that thinks differently.
— Syniva Whitney. Seattle Dances. September 2016

Lethem clearly has a sharp intellect and her ownership of craft, design and discipline to work within a small movement palette shows direction and vision. Following her career, you can expect to be challenged to use your own smarts to keep up.
— Beth Mcgill, LA Dance Review. August 2015